I am Vikram Bhandari, Founder and CEO of Campus Maps.


Campus Maps is a map app for universities across the US, originally started as a UMD Map app. Campus Maps is now available at over 20 universities, with another 100 slated for release in 2014.

Campus Jobs is a follow up to Campus Maps, starting as a UMD job board before quickly growing to 2,000+ universities and colleges.

TerpSocial was a Facebook app for connecting UMD students around passions. Terpsocial is now retired.


eMedCheck was developed for Dr. Jefferey Herrmann with the purpose of gathering antibiotic requirements for a region during an anthrax attack.

The UMDSMC Portfolio Calculator was developed for Dr. Eric Wish for graphing portfolio performance. The UMDSMC app was developed for Dr. Eric Wish to bring the UMDSMC elements together in one app.