I am Vikram Bhandari, a Computer Science senior at the University of Maryland with a passion for iPhone development.


Campus Maps was released in the Summer of 2011 as a UMD Map app on iPhone and Android. In the summer of 2012 UVA was added.

TerpSocial is planned for a Fall 2012 release for the UMD campus. It is a Facebook app which links users with friends/friends of friends to do things they enjoy, helping with introductions and ice-breaking.


eMedCheck was developed for Dr. Jefferey Herrmann with the purpose of gathering antibiotic requirements for a region during an anthrax attack.

The UMDSMC Portfolio Calculator was developed for Dr. Eric Wish for graphing portfolio performance. The UMDSMC app was developed for Dr. Eric Wish to bring the UMDSMC elements together in one app.